Warren Buffett’s Conversion to Statist Now Complete

Robert Wenzel writes:

I now believe Warren Buffett’s conversion to full bankster oligarch is complete.

Why? Well because Buffett believes that there are businesses which are “too big to fail”. In the article Wenzel shares:

"You will always have institutions that are too big to fail, and sometimes they will fail," Buffett told the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in May, according to Bloomberg. His comments were released Thursday by the FCIC.
"We still have them now. We’ll have them after your commission report."

Really pathetic if you ask me. Just another one of the global elite demonstrating sheer ignorance and disrespect to the free market and the tax payer. Stolen money lines Buffett’s pocket daily. As a matter of fact (and someone included it in a comment at EPJ) Buffett received $6 billion in TARP funds! Big surprise.

Bottom line, he has no concern. He supports bailouts because he is a product of the bailouts.

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